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05-07-2010, 06:43 AM
Originally Posted by personae
Sorry but incorrect. When the Mirror Universe deal came up, Cryptic said it would be the only way to get the uniform. Only way. Not some vaguely worded 'exclusive.' The Only way.

To get on that deal you had to buy a lifetime subscription to a buggy and incomplete game to get a reward in a game no one had seen yet. Based on their wording, many people shelled out $300 just to get those uniforms. Champions certainly wasn't worth it at the time.

And even after shelling out that money, the uniforms weren't in months later at STOs launch. We paid for them over 6 months ago and had them for less than a week. It would be the proverbial slap in the face (hate that cliche, but its true) if they put it in the C-Store for a few dollars after making people pay Hundreds for it.

What would be a fair compromise would be putting it as a veteran reward after the 16 month mark. That would mean that either method of getting the Uniform would involve a similar level of financial commitment to Cryptic. That would be the fairest method to let others have it without abusing the customers who showed the greatest leap of faith.
I shelled out $60 to get the TOS uniforms only to see them be given away less then a month later in a $5 magazine and then on a website for FREE. So really? I don't care how upset and butthurt it makes you to think that these might be put in the C-Store.

I've already through a source (I have many in the community of MMOs, including Cryptic) been told that by Season 2 the Mirror Universe costumes with some minor variation, will be put in the C-store.

So seriously Personae, get off your high horse and realize these are coming to the c-store and the general community. If you paid $300 just to get the uniform and didn't want a CO Lifetime sub? I laugh at you, as do many other people.

I paid $60 to get TOS Uniforms and I learned my lesson.

That lesson being, everything is for sale, nothing is exclusive and we are certainly not special. It will be in the c-store, whether you like it or not.