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05-07-2010, 08:39 AM
Originally Posted by boyam
I did read, and it didn't change anything. In SWG, I can respec anytime with an increasing amount of credits from in-game relating to the number of times I respec. I don't have to spend money for C-points, and I don't have to wait to earn a ridiculously high amount of merits, and I can change my build as I want when I want. So yes I did read, and yes you're a moron so why don't you send me 15 bucks while you're at it.
So you're saying that eventually, with SWGs respeccing costing more per respec, you would be paying far more in game currency (whatever that may be) for respecs in SWG than you would with the set cost in STO, and you're using that as an example of something better?

Keep in mind i've never played SWG but the way you describe it seems like it would actually be far worse than the set cost in STO.