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05-07-2010, 08:02 AM
Originally Posted by boyam
As for SWG, respecs are very simple. You can respec anytime, it costs creds, and the more you respec the more it costs. Fact is, you can earn the creds in-game in a day for what it costs to respec, and SWG builds are more static than STO so you don't respec as much as you do here. That's simple gameplay and customer service for a service provided. My experience with STO however is that I want to change my build weekly if not daily, and I've already spent a substantial amount of cash for what should be a service.

So yeah, when I call you a moron for supporting this, then yeah you are, just as much as me for doling out the cash for it without saying anything.
Good for you, my experience is that i've only had to respec once. I can support it all i want, it's not going to be something i'll ever have to pay for.