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# 2 Other Notes/Threads:
05-07-2010, 08:32 AM
Here are some other notes/threads:
* I added a "testing procedure" in post #89 that can help you see just what Aux Power does.

* A second test regarding Eng/Aux Power and Turn Rates has been added in post #128.

* I highly recommend you check out Nagorak's Weapon's Power Guide for an incredibly well-crafted treatise on weapon's power and multiple weapon damage scaling.

* Also, Nagorak's Weapon DPS Calculator, is a must have!

* If you would like more information regarding Ship's Power, I'd like to direct you to Fuzun's Beginner's Guide to Ship Power.
Final Note: The Calculator has been around for a long time and much of the early thread might refer to skills or in-game features that are no longer available after the launch of Season 5 (12/05/11). If you want to pick-up the conversation from S5 forwards, start at post #232.