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05-07-2010, 09:07 AM
i'd like to point out that while the forums are insanely active with rage, i tried bringing the referal program disuccsion in game, via both my factions on either side, talking in sol space dock, and qonos.... 95% of the people who replied asked #1 what's a galaxy-x, #2 we have a referal program? how does it work? and the other 5% said they didn't care either way...and 2 people that knew about it said they liked the idea and 1 person spent 3 post swear about how much of a bad idea it is...... so the results in game show a vastly different result then on the forums.. people either a) weren't overly aware of it b) didn't care either way or c) didn't care enough to voice their opinion... which just goes to show that the minority here is the forums, like all the reasonably logic people have been saying all along...
also i'd like to point out how far the game has come in 3 months, imagine how far it will be in another 3 months... give it 5 months and your friends will be begging for a referal from you, so it won't be very hard to get referals....

personally, i think the forums are just filled with people who would rather whine about the game then play
or, the few of us, who (like me ) can't play at a particular time do to w/e reason, and so instead we browse the forums ( though i find these people tend to be the logically reasonable people )