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05-07-2010, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by ZootCadillac
too far? Not at all.

A polished turd is a polished turd and people have a right to be upset about it.
If the people who polished that turd are upset by the critics then they did not polish hard enough.

acceptance brings mediocrity. Defiance brings change.
I'm going with Zoot on this one.

Angry customers aim that anger at whoever they have access to whether they are the right ones to be angry with or not. It isn't the customers fault if its aimed at the wrong person.

The Devs/Forum jockeys should, and in most cases do, know this.

I get the feeling that the devs that regularly interact with the forum community know quite well what the problems with the game are but imagine if every time someone got all flamey at them they said it's not my fault its (insert upper management name here) fault.

They would be right out of a job pretty quickly.

The true problem is they started listening to the players. No really. Of course they probably wouldn't have made this mistake if they had finished STO prior to release but since the game started bleeding subscriptions due to the lack of content they scrambled and unfortunately focused on what the players were asking for that they could just hammer out really quickly.

There is a difference between listening to the players and letting them hijack your development schedule.

I blame Cryptic/Atari for the initial state of the game. I blame the players for the "content" released since then that the bulk of which has been useless fluff with hardly any game-play content.