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05-07-2010, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by Malicia
It said exclusive, exclusive is a term that means very little in the current business world. At that point and time, it was exclusively available with the CO Lifetime. Exclusive was correct, at that time. It didn't say anything about a 'guarantee' it will be available through no other means in the future. So yes, when you bought your lifetime sub to CO, it was EXCLUSIVELY available through only those means.

That was then, this is now. You are going to see the MU Uniforms out there for everyone. It's not about me vs you, I'm just stating the facts. I appreciate your frustration and anger regarding this, but this is how the world works.
They didnt say exclusive when asked. They said it would be the only way to get it. When specifially asked "You aren't going to throw this up on the C-Store, are you?" they said No quite directly. Not "weelllll I dunno."

The more vague 'exclusive' wordings came about when STO launched. Liberated Borg for example. They were very careful with their wording on that to give them a little wiggle room.