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05-07-2010, 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by Kalshion View Post

Not really. I have a friend of mine who play's eve-online, has six accounts all on DIFFERENT credit cards (dunno how he PAYS for that, nor WHY he has different cards, he just does) and he get's by just fine.

This is why it was STUPID for the upper-management to give an exclusive ship to the referral program, as there will be people who will refer non-existant friends to the game and then those accounts will promptly close down after a month or two.

Trust me, players are not stupid, if they want to they'll find a way to get what they want.
See a great game makes you want to buy more characters on your own. O had 4 SWG active accounts at one point. No gimmick made me buy them, no trick, no new marketing strategy. You know what did it, SWG before NGE CU was just great.

A great game SELLS itself. That is the one and ONLY lesson Cryptic needs to follow and drop all these shameless smoke and mirrors.