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05-07-2010, 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by Jnoh
On what basis do you make this statement? What prior evidence? What post (link please)? What release?

I am willing to admit it is entirely possible, but I am not willing to allow individuals to roam about claiming opinion and hunches are facts.

Please, prove me wrong, and I'll concede to it. Show me the policy, clearly laid out and upheld, as it stands for STO. Lt.Expendable? Mods? Devs? Jack? Anyone!

That said, I've already made it clear what my personal opinion is on the matter. So far, I've seen at least one recent (yesterday) example of the team making it clear they intend for exclusives to remain such (Galaxy-X). I've also read compelling evidence (based on CO) that there is a possibility of the exclusivity going away. But nowhere have I seen proof positive it will. And of course there is prior evidence of public outcry swaying Cryptic policy (the CO expansion).

Of course, corporate policy being what it is (dynamic, subject to change at the whims of the leadership), even if we were to see Jackalope himself come down from on high with a mighty HOP and school us on Cryptic's intentions of upholding exclusivity, it would remain likely that policy would change at any point.

Though frankly, if the Jackalope could take a moment to define the policy, I could spend quite a bit less time defending the idea of exclusivity and more time working.

Hrm... on second thought...
lol i dont think they want to answer this thread.. it'll cause havoc with whatever answer they give.. the fair options... well.. fair-ish.. have a tribble event.. go play for with them for a few hours.. lalala still remains "exclusive" ro a extent .. or dumping it on the vet program thingy mabob... whereever that is... i need to read that :O and then everyone has it after ### days