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05-07-2010, 03:04 PM
Tellarites could be made in the alien creator. For Pakleds, I don't think the skin and eyebrows are in there, but I haven't looked. Could be its possible, same for Rigelians, as they are skin-only aliens.

What bothers me is that all C-Store species (aka the stuff we pay extra for) are flawed and obviously no-one cares to fix the issues.

So far we have Ferengi rubbermasks without teeth and no traits related to the series, plus the traits are also advertised incorrectly (they sound better on the page, and you only see in-game that the numbers were wrong).
We have Tellarite dwarves that still look tiny next to toons that have - according to the tailor - the exact same height; and a basketball under their shirt.
Same for Pakleds, they can't be fat either; only the beerbelly-basketball look.
And you have Fed Klingons that are as limited to dreadlocks as the KDF version - and no-one has found an answer to "Name a Klingon with such dreadlocks in a Star Trek series".

On the other hand, some regular species are well done and have good unique traits - best example would be Letheans - and they come for free. Overall, ALL regular species are a much better deal than any of the C-Store ones.