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05-07-2010, 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by Malicia
Put it in the c-store as soon as possible please. Not many people knew about the champions online coming with a MU if you did a lifetime subscription. Considering that's a different game and it was just a little bonus, I'd like to see this in the c-store for everyone else, even if a variant not the same as the ones the CO Lifetimers got so there is no whining. (EDIT: Noting that this is opinion, this is what I would like.)

Then again, I paid $60 extra for my DDE to get the TOS uniform after I got the game and a month later you guys were giving the uniform away for free. So just hurry up and please put the MU uniform in the c-store so you can get 10000s of peoples money. (EDIT: Noting this is an opinion and a suggestion to get it out ASAP)

EDIT: No text was changed, just noting, that this was all opinion.
For you Personae, I put in those edits. However, I jumped the gun with posting the information about the MU Uniforms hitting the c-store. Not jumped the gun because it is incorrect, I jumped the gun because I was not supposed to say anything.

Yes, it was stupid of me, I apologise, but they are coming. I highly doubt Cryptic will change that fact due to my slipping of the keys and leaking information.

There's nothing to be upset about though, the more variety available, the better for everyone.