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05-07-2010, 08:58 PM
I still think the best way to have carried out the RAF program would have been to model it after the CO system, where vanity items and CPs can be earned, but not items that have unique properties exclusive to only them. Even the suggestion that this ship may have a cloak and has a cannon that can hit multiple targets has made it a unique, as it is no longer "just a skin", it is now a unique ship only accessible by referring 5 friends AND getting them to subscribe beyond the 30 days, a ship that currently is not accessible by any other means. I don't think it should be in the C-store. I think it should have, all along, been a reward for a quest or crafting, one that takes time and effort in game to earn. This would keep people who really want the ship playing the game.

The rewards for referral are still good too, as Cryptic is essentially paying you in CPs to market the game. This saves you money, because if there are items in the C-store in the future that you really want, you don't have to buy the points yourself. This, on its own, should have been enough of an incentive. By adding the Gal-X as a reward, they have alienated some customers, as well as have divided the community. I have no problem with an RAF program, but giving it exclusive items with unique in-game mechanics (although not completely confirmed, these mechanics have been suggested at without any further clarification as to what they'll allow one to do) that are not accessible by any other means (currently) is going overboard. If they had done this, I highly doubt there would have been so much anger and fighting over the program.

Not everyone has access to the lists that some people are touting, not everyone is a member of 6 different gaming guilds and Star Trek groups etc. Some have already referred the few people they know that would be interested, and others, like myself, simply don't have enough friends interested in PC Games AND MMOs AND Star Trek with powerful enough computers to run the game available. It's a simple fact that not everyone has access to the same groups and resources to be able to recruit the 5 people needed to get the ship. To suggest that these people simply don't have any friends is insulting. Just because they aren't exactly like you and have access to all these incredible groups of people is no reason to insult them. To say the ship is available to all is to really be ignorant of the facts I've mentioned above. Some people really are unable to access this ship by simple virtue of who they are friends with. Thus, regardless of how some of you may like to tout it as accessible to all, the program is still excluding some and denying some access to this ship/unique game mechanic. The people saying that it's simply because these people "don't have any friends" etc, need to realize that just because you have access to a group of people who will for sure play the game doesn't mean everyone does.

I don't have a sense of entitlement. I don't think they should just give me the ship. But I do think I should be able to earn the ship in other ways than trying to shill the game to my friends.