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05-08-2010, 12:56 AM
Why are all races C-store purchases.
The one answer I came up with after a bit of pondering was:

"Because they're bleeding subs at a rate worse then SWG when it released it's mega kill changes, so Cryptic is doing everything they can to keep profits out of the red zone; from refer a friend schemes to marking whatever they think will sell out of the c-store"

I mean even the gold spammers have left and given up trying to sell money for sto (last spam mail i got weeks ago offered 10 million EC for $4, down from the 100k for $15 it was at sto's launch.)

It's a real shame too. If they'd given this game another 9 months of development it could have really had more long lasting appeal. As it is they were worried they couldn't compete with the new Star Wars mmo coming out next July so shoveled a half finished product out the door early in the hopes of recouping their development costs and making a nice micro profit before it tanked.

This is the first mmo I ever played where you could hit end game in less then a month of playing... (wow was at least around 6 months till end game at launch if memory serves?)