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05-08-2010, 07:32 AM
Didn't we have this conversation yesterday?

Anyway back when the CO lifetime was offered they specifically said it wouldn't be available as a C-Store item. So more than a few people were forced to plunk down a few hundred bucks on a buggy incomplete unrelated game to get them.

So it would be pretty unfair if after making people spend that much and waiting months to finally get them to have them available after a week or so for a few dollars on the C-Store. It would be a very shabby way to treat those who took an incredible leap of faith with Cryptic. (Given Champions' state at the time and that no one even saw STO yet)

I agree, Silveressa, it was a pretty stupid way to sell them. But it was the route they chose and they should honor the spirit of what they said at the time.

But as a vet reward is a little more fair. That would mean that either route someone went to get it, they had to make a bit of an investment into the longevity of the game. So I'd support that.