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05-08-2010, 08:13 AM
. It would be a very shabby way to treat those who took an incredible leap of faith with Cryptic.
I've spent over 400 dollars on the game so far, but I didn't get a lifetime CO sub. How much farther do you want me to leap? :p

It's not just CO people that paid a lot of money and for them it was a bonus for a different game. I really do think that the majority of the people who bought a CO lifetime membership did it because they wanted to play CO.

So it would be pretty unfair if after making people spend that much and waiting months to finally get them to have them available after a week or so for a few dollars on the C-Store.
Wouldn't be the first time it happened, but this time it'd actually make me happy if that happened.

I know where you're coming from though and I don't suggest it needs to be up in the c-store like tomorrow (although I would prefer that) but if they'd give it like 1,5 month extra or so then I think they made us wait long enough...
I mean, I've been wanting these mirror universe uniforms ever since I found out about them, which was in the last week of closed beta and I had to find out that it was completely impossible for me to get them. I don't see any fairness in that either, hence the request here.

People that already have those uniforms just save out on the money this way and people that don't have them have to cash out some extra money. For all I care the ask 1000 Cryptic Points for them, so it's not *that* cheap either.

For that matter, I'm also for putting the playable Borg race up in the store. I know it's supposed to be a lifetime membership goodie for us guys, but seriously, I don't really care about them so much that I want other people to miss out of the fun of playing a Borg. I think they deserve to play Borg just as much as I do. I mostly got my lifetime membership because I hope to save out money in the end with the subscription fees.