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05-08-2010, 08:14 AM
Originally Posted by ArievDhien
Exactly. Otherwise everyone will want a change of an existing toon whenever a species becomes playable - or a free token for a race change. Many people made Romulans or Cardassians, and both are on the 'coming one day' list. So they all should get a free race change, and people that willingly accepted the punishment and started a canon race get nothing - again? Nope, no fair.
Good point. What about a respec from 'Alien' to an established race? That would prevent migration and still keep the spirit of what I am saying. I could have Caitian conversions and Superchum could have Cardassian conversions but only from the Alien template. Being fans we made do with what was available and I am asking for consideration of an option. Like I said, I expect to be told no but every once in a while you ask and hear yes.

That might also prevent abuse of a respec. As far as it being punishment to those who chose a canon race, then it would have been better to have these additional races earlier on in the game not months later. By that line of thinking, I am being punished for wanting a race that wasn't available at the time?

And no, I don't think that many people here will be wanting to respec their non Alien template characters. Cryptic has done a good job in presenting the most common races for play, though the Pakleds still baffle me. I believe the idea has merit even if it would cost CP to do.