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05-08-2010, 09:32 AM
That is the one 'race respec' idea I have always supported. People playing alien should be given a free respec token, and they can use it when a species becomes playable - in the current faction. Someone playing a... whatever, lets say Kazon in the KDF, can respec to a real Kazon in the KDF if that species is ever released; and a Fed alien can become... well, all that is available for Feds.

The token assigns the mandatory traits of the new species, and lets the player decide which of the 4 alien traits to keep or drop for them (within the limits given to the species, for example a Tellarite that was a telepathic alien before would auto-drop telepathy because its not available for newly created Tellarites and so on).

I can't say it enough - give species a meaning. Reward people for playing a canon race instead of a 1 meter 'tall' purple alien with all available horns, named 'C0M4ND3R L33T' of the USS R0FLC0PT3R. Make species unique and encourage people to pick them. The less aliens, the better, and a one time race change for the players trying to be a canon race would still reward the ones I do not attack with my rants against aliens.