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05-08-2010, 08:37 AM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
how should this be a scam?
because the DDE is 10 EURO more then the normal edition? if i have to buy 5 DDE's that would be 50 EUR more for me... i think it is fair enough to give the OPTION to do this...
we feel it's a scam because you're asking for 10,000 euros per dde >_>; you should correct that, also it's against the code of conduct to resell the game in the forums.
try selling it on ebay, much more legal.

Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
How is it a scam?
The only possible shady thing possible here is that e-mails would be given out, and thats easily dealt with by creating a "junk" mailbox.
But he gains nothing if he does not send out the keys since you only get stuff if a person activates a retail copy.

Btw its not against the EULA since hes not giving away accounts.
The EULA is only applicable and accepted when you actually install/get an account, but the CD-Key is loose in the case and therefore unused its not subject to the EULA.
true, since he is giving them away for free it might not be against the eula, i still don't think the GMs take kindly to attempting to "resell" stuff in the forums though, atleast not the general discussion.
it's a nice idea though, though why he's worrying about just 1 ship i have no idea....
and why he's posting in a forum of people who already have the game, i have no idea, we already own the game, why would we want/need a second copy >_>;