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05-08-2010, 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by ZootCadillac
It's unbelievable that players have no shame and are actively attempting to bribe new players with in game items or actual cash value rewards just so they are able to get a game reward themselves. It's even more pitiful that Cryptic are allowing this to continue.

It's pitiful and ugly to see.
I don't see why it is so shameful. It can only seem shameful in terms of imagining yourself doing the same thing. I would never be so bold to tell someone what they can or can't or shouldn't spend their money on. It is their choice and whether you agree or not they have the right to make that choice for themselves. People pay $1,000s on crazy things like collectible pez containers all the time. If these people want to spend an extra amount to get something they want who are we to judge them. I personally would never do it. But given an item I really felt passionately about I might shell out a little extra to ensure I get it. I still feel the OP's approach sounds like fun and I hope to see some of his applicants replies like cat's with Vulcan ears haha

BTW I know sometimes inflections are hard to read in the written word but this reply did not come with any hostility to you or your post. Just an honest kind reply