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05-08-2010, 09:54 AM
I believe this thread would be made more lively and some posters happier if they were to notice some cross posted information.

According to dstahl's latest engineering report, one of the plans for Update 2.0 is to add a new race to the klingon side.

The Thread

The quote in context of the list:

Season 2.0 - July

* STF – “Into the Hive”
* Random BOFF Stores
* Curved Federation Ship Hallways
* Smaller Federation Hallways (non-combat versions)
* Player Ship Interiors
* New Skillpoint Level Cap
* Klingon Episodes
* High End Episode Sector
* Multi-Faction Episode Sector
* Federation Diplomatic Corps
* New Enemy Ship Designs
* New Enemy Group to the Klingon Faction
* New Global Enemy Group for Series 1
* Wildlife Creatures
* New Off-Duty Costumes Types
* Klingon Costume Customization Updates
Unless I'm reading that wrong, that does indeed seem to be a new race added to Klingon faction.