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05-08-2010, 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by joseph001
ok i had enough of this, are you guys i'll Educated? havent u read the Eula? people giving things away without having real money in exchange is not a violation... go back to school and Retake english subject! what ever way u put it, its not an Violation unless unless unless unless the person giving away those things Receives money back...

what is wrong with you? is the the benefit of perks that make u insane? its looks like that what u guys are after what a pity jealousy? envy? im sure you will deny that, and a coping mechanism will respond that you are unaware of denial (sorry for offending you guys but this is a wakeup call u guys dont stop) ... cuz either way, they will spend money for buying the sub or the game itself either way. unless, unless unless u people know another way in getting the game without spending money period.

this is my last. IF you want to argue think well 1st before u act, or else your just showing off how i'll educated you are...

When man is provoked , he becomes illogical and irrational.

But still im waiting to be corrected Correctly not by just some gut feeling....

you pipz are whining like kids
hang on Mr Superior. This guy is offering to buy your game in return for you buying a subscription. This is cash value and not trading in game items.

As for education? When you argue with such poor grammar and spelling it might serve you well to be a little less vocal about such things.