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05-08-2010, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by GlobalTaxi View Post
I think most of the negativity is based on suspicion. Cryptic has made this crowd critical and skeptical of everything and I don't really blame them.

Cryptic has offered an item which, for collectors, is hard to come by. Buying 5 box's and giving them away to a fan isn't something worth getting riled over. It doesn't break the EULA because he isn't selling them , making money from them or using them in a promotion of any kind. As far as the 10 Euro, I'd simply offer the one that won't put you out of pocket.

There's nothing wrong with this idea. I'd pick 5 random friends and have them use the acct. but this is the next best place, I guess.

I got yer back on this one. GL
tnx for the support good u understand that... those who dont still understand keep whining i'll laugh so hard here while reading your post lol

guys are so hard headed even the one above my post that was trying to correct me even the grammar lol... grammar does not matter its the message and how u understand that (comprehension skills) Even Doctors make wrong grammar on charting Base on real life experience u cant defeat me on that one

PS: ZootCadillac, im not Mr. superior, im just an ordinary person, no one is superior we are all equal, its just our individuality is what makes us differ