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05-08-2010, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by joseph001
You wrong dude he didnt ask anything in return about the Subscription he just said dont forget to subscribe... please read it again....

poor grammar? is it that important? or the thought of the message?

comprehension not big on your list either?

What the Winners need to do:

1. Send me a PM with your E-mail adress, wait for my Referral Email, klick on the Link inside it and create an Account (i need to see you as refferal in my Account!)

2. When i see you i will buy and then send the Retail-Code to you, (this may take one or two days, wait for it)!
Enter the CD-Key that i will send you, play the full game with 30 free days included.

3. most important: Subscribe for at least 30 more days! (you know because of referral bonus and all that...)

Remember: To subscribe to the Game you will need a PayPal Account or a Credit Card! (or get some GameTime Cards at Amazon or ebay or wherever you can find one.)
This is not a refer a friend program. It has now become a "conscript a stranger by any means or enticement necessary."