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05-08-2010, 11:55 AM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
The Galaxy X was a specific ship created specifically for the Referral program. The goal with the other end game ships is that they would be unlockable by reaching the next tier level but the specifics of that are still be discussed.

Here's what I know about it so far - The cannon is specific to this ship, and takes the place of a weapon's slot, but is not an item that can be removed and placed on another ship. It shows up as a captain's power on your weapon tray. The beam is intendend to be a very narrow front cylinder beam that can pass through objects and hit multiple targets if you are lined up properly (out to a set distance).

There are no details yet on recharge timers or how it impacts cooldowns of other powers/weapons.

I've also heard rumor that it may have a non-battle cloak - which means that it might be able to cloak - but only out of combat.

Once the designer is finished with the ship - I'll see if I can get the full details.

The ship will be available by the time that your referals hit their first 30 day billing cycle.


Management is aware of this thread ...
what about the klingons, will they be getting something to match the power/ability of this "cannon"
if this cannon is indeed going to be as strong as it seems to be then that would drasticly out balance pvp (to say the least) able to shoot down multiple ships in 1 shot? (can pass thru multiple objects in 1 shot ) how would the klingons counter this? and/or what would put them on par with this?
so far pvp wise klingons and feds have been fairly equal, klingons have cloak, feds have more skills to detect cloaks and a farther cloak detection range (not to mention science ships)
klingons have BOPs and carriers, fes have a wider ship selection and science vessels.
what's the balancing item for the klingons that helps balance out the equality of the galaxy-x cannon?

also cryptic stated previously that it did not want federation to have cloaking ability and to offset this it gave the feds better cloak/stealth detection, what are the klingons getting to offset the cloakability of the galaxy-x?
i'm afriad that, even if this is the only ship that will have this "cannon" or "cloaking" we'll just see a whole bunch of these ships flying around, even at higher lvl pvp teirs, why would i ant to fly a bigger ship if it has a less powerful weapon and no cloaking?