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# 1 Buddy Programme -Issues
05-08-2010, 01:15 PM
I have been fighting with this for the past 3 days, up-to 9 GM tickets

I'm persisting because I hope they will look at it and say hey we screwed up, lets fix it.
3 days ago,

Hi, My partner has just started playing and we used my buddy key, then bought her a deluxe box set, on the new promotions page it shows that a buddy with a subscription is able to trans-warp to the friend + other bonuses, I am unable to do so, and do not have any of the other items as listed. Help, the point behind this was to help her level so she enjoys it and wants to play more.

GM response

We are pleased to let you know that your issue has been addressed. Several updates and fixes for the buddy referral program are part of the very next patch, scheduled for May 6th. Details on the exact features and known issues will be included in the release notes for this patch. We apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused. This MMORPG is a living and evolving experience. As such, the Game will continue to change as we implement and polish new features, which are a key in the continuing development of a dynamic play environment. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for playing! GM Litana
My partner has signed up for star trek online, started a 5 day trial, then I got her the full game, so.. I cant trans-warp to her, No tribble pet, no 3% xp and Bo bonus when grouped with her. The promotions page says this feature is available... SO id really like a reply not just an automated message.

Customer Service response

We appreciate you responding with the requested information. In review of your issue, it appears that the referral program does not begin until Tomorrow, May 7th along with the other programs that go live this weekend. We apologize that this was not more clearly displayed. But if you have submitted a referral, you can view the status by visiting this link: Ensure you are signed into the website before clicking the link. If you have not received your bonuses by 10:00am Pacific Standard Time tomorrow, please reply to this ticket and we will assist you further.
2 Days ago

Hi, Still have not received Item from Buddy invite and my partner I have invited is not listed in the buddy referral system eg. cant see status, was told in last ticket that if rewards were not received by 10:00 pst of 7th (today) to submit another ticket for support, Account name of buddy:XXXXXXl last 8 num of Key XXXX - XXXX I can give any additional info also as I was the one who purchased the deluxe box set for my partner.

Customer Service response

I can confirm that we escalated your issue and someone is looking into it. It appears that your issue has been addressed previously. Remember that in the future you may close or edit tickets which have been placed into the report system via the "View My Tickets" option located in the Help window. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for playing!

1 Day Ago

Hi, I opened another account for the express purpose of getting the in-game buddy items, i have petitioned a Gm about this have have receive the reply the because the account was Opened on the 5/6/2010 I would not be granted the buddy rewards and the programme did not go live until the 7/6/2010 this was Not listed on the promotions page, At the top of the promotions page it said now available. it is not listed anywhere that the programme goes live on the 7th, the only way I have known about this is because a Gm told me this in one of the tickets. I am annoyed to say the least. if it was listed as not available till the 7th I would not have made another account and bought the deluxe edition for this account. SO now on my last ticket I am told that I basically wasted $56 NZD.... restore my faith in customer support, 2 days? come on. I am in-game now and will be of the Next 10hours Time now 10:06pst. I am reachable by email also.

Customer Service response

Hey Demonsunder, We have reviewed your ticket, and unfortunately you do not qualify for the referral program. We understand this can be frustrating as the promotion does not list as to when this event actually began; however, the process was particular in that it required navigation to the Refer a Friend page and an email be sent specifically to the desired friend's email. Buddy keys received through the Collector's Edition or other means were not tied to this promotion. For further information please visit the official promotional page here: We appreciate your time and thank you for playing Star Trek Online.


Yea so this has been fun..... we will see where it goes, but if this is the customer service level that I can expect in STO, well ill be looking for another MMo.