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05-08-2010, 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by Jnoh
But try to keep some perspective on the value of reward - leave at least something (the Spock top) sacred - Feel free to get MU, but at least reserve SOMETHING for the CO LTSers only.
I agree. It was one of the reasons I have the lifetime to CO...well..that and I like CO. The new content they added in Feb was awesome and what is about to come out looks fun as well.

There are reasons for certain perks... certain perks require certain sacrifices. I paid for mine...

So, if you want the same perk.. Fork out the cash.

I am tired of people whining about perks that other people have, that they PAID for...

If you wanted it that bad,.. then you should have paid for it.

Sorry... but socialism in games is not fun.

Other things will be out in the future. I am sure that the AGT Enterprise for the RAF program would be cool too. I just don't have 5 people to invite. Should I get the AGT because somebody else took the effort to get it when I don't want to/am unable to? I am not going to cry about it. Other options will present themselves later.