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05-08-2010, 04:43 PM
Originally Posted by Valenn View Post
Hm, we had Vulcans who went into exile (Sybok and the Vulcan Pilgrims in an "Enterprise" Episode)
Back to Topic: An Option to switch sides would add a little bit more "Sandbox" feeling to the Game, also it would fill the gaps in the upper Ranks of possible future Factions (Romulans..), allowing them to compete with the other Faction immediately.
I wouldn't say Sybok really switched factions though. His character was a protagonist in a story where he was presented as a very very very unique Vulcan, I'll grant you that. But I don't think he was really rejecting his culture in an effort to join, say, the Klingon Defense Force.

To be a bit wordier about this suggestion ... and this is just my opinion here ... I can't really support it because I think it goes against the premise of choosing a faction in the first place.

I've seen a lot of other suggestions that open up the ability to radically redo your initial choices. And some of them I may not personally want or like, but couldn't really oppose them because I see some value there. Like being able to re-choose traits. Or being able to change your gender. Those two aren't ones I'd personally push for, but I can at least ... fully understand the idea that a person would want to change that about their character later on and could see some merit to it in the C-Store.

I'm less inclined to support changing your race. Only because, I guess, I'm stuck in the past. And it seems like something that games in the past wouldn't allow me to do.

So there, the hang-up is mine. And I can admit that.

But changing faction ... that's a lot trickier.

The factions in this game seemed designed to be pretty rigid on purpose. We're at war with the klingons again, as part of the ongoing story.

I can see why some folks would like to be able to 'defect" but ... I don't know ... in my opinion I think it does a bit more to damage the idea of the story than it would do to help the game.

To me, it really does seem illogical to allow that kind of feature. I also have this nagging fear in the back of my head that it would create a ... sort of subset of PVP culture that would faction hop to abuse/exploit differences in PVP combat.

I don't know. It's just my opinion mind you. So it's not like it's some super strong point I'm making. I just can't support the idea. It seems illogical to me. It seems like it makes factions themselves sort of pointless.

I realize others will disagree. I'm ok with that. We are just discussing this and what not. So no worries.