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05-08-2010, 06:55 PM
Originally Posted by SuperCrypticDave
We are working on this problem. Actually, it appears to be a collection of problems. I'm personally not 100% convinced that it is due to solely to dynamic lighting. Anyway, you are welcome to run with it on. If you get consistent crashes with it turned on, as some of our other customers have reported, then I'd have to say turn it back off.

At any rate, we have not yet fixed the issues I have seen us repro internally in Starbase 24, for example. We are working with ATI on a couple of things we've found there, and I am adding some diagnostic code to track down some other possible problems. I'm not sure if my diagnostic code has made it to LIVE yet.

If you look for my other posts, you can see some more detail on where we are at with this bug (or bugs).

Thank you for letting us know it's being worked on.