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05-08-2010, 09:54 PM
Originally Posted by Salexander
The majority of people either did not want a death penalty, or at least a voluntary one. Cryptic lead the forums to believe that it would be voluntary. In the end they forced and involuntary death penalty system on everyone.

The majority of people wanted a difficulty slider because so few people were completing the STF missions. They gave us a slider that did NOTHING to help the vast majority of players who cannot complete them. Only harder modes were given.

The vast majority of players wanted more races added to the game. Well, we got them, but have to pay for them on top of box fee and subscription.

Now, they drop game changing equipment into a sales scam, and on top of that refuse to credit players who have already recruited people even though this info should be in their logs.

There was also the 90 days free firestorm.

Catering to our needs... if by "our needs" you mean "shake every last nickel you can out of these players before they rage quit" then yeah, I agree.
There is no DP on normal. The majority of the people wanting a difficulty slider was because they thought the game was too easy not due to STF issues. I have no problem with C-Store races. As far as the Gal-X I wished it was available by other means but I am not worried about the RAF as a whole. Actually, if the RAF works, its a good thing.