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05-08-2010, 11:37 PM
Based on the number of responses I have seen about the Galaxy X class I feel it is worth it.

The subject obviously generates interest and the actual implementation will help to diversify the type of available ships.

I dont believe the Galaxy X should be better then any other Tier 5 ships however it needs to be better in some ways just like the escort is better in manuverability.

I believe the Galaxy X class should also be more availible to players.

Each side Klingon and Fed should recieve ship additions at the same time and the same rate.

Escorts,cruisers and science ships should also include a new ship variant. So rather than throwing out one ship at a time they need to throw out ships evenly among all types and factions. I hope that the Galaxy X would be reallly tough and have alot of fire power plus a cloak. But it should have a pretty slow turning rate same as the original Galaxy? Maybe the X class could have more power to warp core that can be transferred to shields or something? Basically the Soverign or other tier 5 ships should hold their own against the Galaxy X class due to more manuverability, but of course the Galaxy X class should be a tough cookie.

But I would prefer the Dev Team to work on developing a special area for open Pvp first, because Pvper will then continue to generate their own content, especially if the territories are capturable. That would keep people interested and staying subscribed long enough for them to generate revenue for PvE.

Pvp players would flock back to STO if they implemented a nice Open Pvp System.