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05-09-2010, 03:43 PM
Originally Posted by NeoWolf View Post
The only gripe I have over them making it open to others for 400 days, is that it does however mean that we we lifers also reach 400 daysvet reward, we will get effectively one less benefit for vet time than non lifers, whic seems a little unfair.
A glass is half full way of looking at it is ... it gives Cryptic 400 days to come up with a new Lifer reward.

As such can I suggest that Cryptic give lifers at 400 days a Transwarp to the Captaisn table ability (30 mins cooldown) that non lifers dont get, so that at least then WE get something for 400 days too for others getting access. this would also remain within context of the theme of what is being added for non lifers (i.e captaisn tabel related).
Heh. I like that idea. It's fun. But ultimately doesn't impact gameplay in any meaningful way.

Best part is ... I bet if they do that suggestion ... you'd see at least a half dozen posts complaining about it. Even though ... all it does is cut one zone time away from using the regular T-Warp.

Clever. Very clever. I like it.