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05-09-2010, 03:57 PM
Originally Posted by Mirror-Master
As a owner of MU uniforms I would not mind if they are made non-exclusive to the CO Offer. However anyone wanting the uniforms should show equal investment to get them. For a veteran reward, that would be around 400 Days Subscribed. Which may mean 500 days since there's already set rewards for 400.

I know those of you who want this costume set *now* don't like that but it's only fair to those who paid early to get access to them. You did have the opportunity to get them when it was initially offered.

Something similar should be done for the Galaxy-X. If you want it now hit the streets and snake oil 5 people into subbing. Otherwise keep subscribing for a year and you'll earn it.
lol at the rate were going i dont think there will be many people left after day 400 :O .. weve lost a lot and were not even near 100 :O