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05-10-2010, 04:51 AM
Originally Posted by Ruivo
This one is to the devs. Why isn't possible for us to open our galaxy maps, zoom in on a sector other than our current sector, select ons of its systems and "set a course" to it, instead of only beeing able to set a course to current sector borders?

In the shows we don't see the captains ordering "Set a course to the A sector border" then "Set a course to the B sector border" and "Set a course to the C sector border" so that he could finally order "Set a course to the C-1 system". He just order to "Set a course to the C-1 system" from wherever the ship is, and the helmsman witll cross sector borders on his own. After all.. he did went to the academy haven't he?
ive actually seen this mentioned as a suggestion to add to the upcming interiors update. i honestly forget where the thread is but if memory serves the OP of said thread suggested we should be able to tell our ops officer to " make it so " then wander off our bridge , heading to our cabin , engineering , sick bay etc .. while the ship is " moving " the travel times wouldnt change . you`d still spend as much free time below decks while your ship moves to its destination as you would if you were in sector space view. however your not staring at the sector crawling past you . the OP even suggested a " captain to the bridge " message should the ship run into DSE`s .

i for one love this idea . i have found myself waiting till im traversing between one system and the next to spend my skill points in order to have something to do . while im not complaining about the flight times between say SOL and DS9 i am sorta disapointed about the lack of anything interesting during the trip

So Cryptic please give us a proper intra sector autopilot . our ops officers and pilots have been through the acadamy and can surely read a big boy map . and consider the wandering your ship while traveling idea too