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05-10-2010, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by ZootCadillac
You do realise that the advisory council had nothing to do with this community. It was merely a way of allowing representatives of fansites and communities who don't visit here to give the ideas of their communities to Cryptic.
Being that nobody actually read what they were about before hitting the nerdrage button everyone assumed and perpetuated the myth that it was a group of unelected people meant to represent THIS community and all players. Which it was never intended for.
The one-sentence description makes it sound a lot better designed, implemented, and publicized than it ever was.

And that's generalizing the opposition a bit. Some thought it would be used to excessively privelige the views of a small number of people, that it involved inherent conflicts of interest, that Cryptic was really only interested in mouthpieces for them rather than the other way around, etc. And then there were objections to the initial membership, and so on.