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05-10-2010, 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by ZootCadillac
The council idea was dropped shortly after it was announced due to the community outrage.
A new council based upon a different idea is set to be announced in the future.
My understanding is that folks invited to the Council may be getting repurposed into a viral marketing "Press Corps" type thing (ie. receiving press releases and fast tracked for conference call interviews or something but with the feedback portion dropped) and that, if we get a Council, it will take another form.

I suspect that the big thing we'll see the former Council members get is fast tracked interviews, exclusive press releases and permission to run contests in conjunction with Atari, more like the Wowhead/Blizzard relationship and less as a Council (which is a bit misleading since Cryptic didn't intend for their Council to be a governing body, just a feedback/market research tool; they do want to tap people who have built Trek web communities but I gather the "Council" term was probably a bad idea and the feedback collecting part was something these folks were ill-equipped for and the community here rejected).