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05-10-2010, 03:24 PM
Originally Posted by Aris
Honestly, none of them. I'm not so attached to the idea of having Captain Data or Ambassador Picard show up that I'd be willing to inflict a permenant change on their characters just to avoid likeness rights. If Cryptic/Atari could come to an agreement with the actors, I'd love to see them appear. But changing them as much as you have to just to say you have them in the game doesn't fit with me.
The JJ-verse has happened. So ... there's two alternate timelines. This game isn't hard canon. It might be, or might not be, soft canon. There's so much room for flexibility. And if the next Abrams Kirk movie is as big a hit as the last one, the next time we see the Picard crew might very well be in a few decades when the Next Next Generation gets an Abrams-Style reboot.

The door's open for some fun with the characters we love. Starfleet isn't such a huge organization that important members of its service won't get bumped into from time to time. Captain Data is captain of the fleet's flagship for instance.