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05-11-2010, 12:03 PM

The game should have started with the academy. there you could learn all the aspects of star fleet and the fundamental operations of the game as per the movies and tv shows. The academy is where you decide what field you will go into once you graduate the academy. The academy would have had holo decks to show the various departments. you could learn about the war and from the choices you made in the academy, will direct you to starfleet or defect to the klingon empire. Tthe story line cryptic created could have been mixed in from their as some how you being put as the captain of a ship with the rank of Lt 1. It seems we as the customer are smart and inventive in making good scripts while the writers at cryptic are drunk.

It has been mentioned by myself along with others that cryptic studios did not do the needed reserch to formulate this game properly. It has also been said by the head developers that they will not go back and change things. They think its not right. Although if the paying fans feel its right then i dont see them having much of a choice. its either support what your fans "shareholders" are saying or go broke and be out of a job. Dont go the way of circuit city behavior. that is why they went bankrupt.