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05-11-2010, 12:29 PM
That's an excellant resource on ST uniforms. It explains things very well, and anyone wishing to be "canon" in their character's interpretation should be grateful.

However, my own "interpretation" does not follow canon. In fact, with the armor, kits and fleet uniforms (inlcuding characters running around in "civilian clothing", any uniform thatdoes follow canon is in the minority (unless you're an AI in the "pajama" uniform).

My own uniform is the STII:TWOK type, except I didn't like the over-all red coats that came with it. I merely made the coat Science Officer blue, with white trim. The only reason is that I think it looks better, and you can tell at a glance (unlike the canon ST:TWOK uniforms) that I am in the Science field. Personally, I still associate red uniforms with Engineering (probably because I was 11 years old when Star Trek first came on back in 1966 and am too old to change my spots). There are a few items that I may spruce up a bit (belt and edging), but I'm happy with the result. I MAY make the white trim gold when I make Captain, but that's for the future.

So, the next time you see a guy in a blue ST:TWOK, don't come up and try to explain canon colors. I'll just nod politely and continue on with my business.