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# 1 Organize C-Store
05-11-2010, 02:23 PM
Can C-store items be organized by like items instead of last updated? Here's a suggested layout that will make it easier to find items:

- Federation Bridge Pack I: Star Cruiser
- Federation Bridge Pack II: Light Cruiser
- Federation Bridge Pack III: Research Science Vessel
- Klingon Empire Bridge Pack I: Battle Cruiser
- Klingon Empire Bridge Pack II: Bird-of-Prey
- Klingon Bridge Pack III: Carrier

- Federation Ferengi
- Federation Klingon
- Federation Pakled
- Federation Tellarite

- Federation Advanced Escort - Hephaestus Class
- Federation Assault Cruiser Imperial Class
- Federation Deep Space Science Vessel - Nimbus Class
- Federation Fleet Escort Maelstrom Class

Character Enhancements
- Captain Rename
- Emote Pack I
- Retrain

- Additional Character Slots