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05-11-2010, 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by TrekTheStars
Well he did mentioned that he would prefer a Klingon version. If he was going to invest time into getting 5 referrals so he could get this ship, he should at least know if he will get access to it where he would want to use it. How would you feel if it was only the Klingons getting a ship for referrals with no Fed version? If they let the Feds have the ship as well, would you still be happy to take that version on the Fed's side? I can totally agree that it would be odd and very immersion breaking but rewarding one faction and not another for the same effort can be very upsetting and downright unfair.

With some Klingons feeling like they're an afterthought this could be the final straw (not mine but still) that broke the camel's back. Understand it from our side.....we are still waiting for things to be added (things that should already be in game) and we see plenty of new ship skins, outfits and races coming out that we don't have access to.

By the way I'm not complaining, I'm just trying to show you another point of view. Also I don't mean to speak for all you fellow warriors out there but I'm sure there are a few of you that can agree with what I'm saying.
I was going to type my own answer to his statement, but yours has pretty much said all I would have.
Well put, sir.
I would very much prefer NOT to fly a Fed ship,
I take it you see nothing wrong with dedicated Klingon players simply getting nothing for their efforts to promote this game to 5 friends and convince them to buy the game and start paying to play even tho doing so as a Fed gets them a special ship that you can't get any other way?
I'll bet that if it was the reverse, there would be HUGE protest over it.
Look how so many Feds complain constantly now about how OP Klingon ships are, they have cloak, etc.
I am one of those who did not buy STO to play as a Fed.
I wanted to fly Klingon at the start. After finding out I had to fly Fed for a time before "unlocking" Klingon, I came very close to not even buying the game, but the Fleet of Klingons I was already CO of from SFC2 wouldn't hear of it and convinced me otherwise. My Fed is still Lt 6 and I have played since BETA.
In hindsight, if I had not paid for a lifetime when it was cheap before game launch, I would have definitly cancelled my subscription by now due to the utter lack of Klingon content.
For now I hang onto the hope that since Cryptic did admit that it was an oversight on their part not having more didicated Klingon content and they were working hard to get more content for them as soon as they could.