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# 55 This makes my head hurt.
05-11-2010, 06:00 PM
Originally Posted by Jaruslothran View Post
Translation: "Give me for free what others paid for, because it is not fair that they have something that I do not have. In my perfect world, where you have to work to make the money to buy the item, I get it without the effort at all. This is my world..and it is perfect."


We paid for it. We have it. We keep it. You want it.. ask Cryptic to put their lifetime sub offer back on CO.. and go buy a subscription.
Wow to buy a lifetime to a totally different game for some STO in game uniforms?, that I don't play nor have any interest in? That has to be an oxy moron, or just plain old moron. I have already bought enough of this title to almost add up to another Lifetime Subscription.

The Champions offer was ridiculous. Bare minimum should of been offered to STO lifetime PRE launch investors, and should of been made available with other long term subscription offers. When I see this point that is made is just so unreasonable....... You bought a Champions Lifetime, because you play
Champions not just for STO uniforms.......