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05-11-2010, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by Clavis-0

please consider me regrettably uninformed. I read around on your site and in this thread, but still have not been able to get the gist of what most of the 12th's subdivisions focus on. I understand that Tactical focuses on space combat while MACO does ground combat - but even that does not give me a clear picture (is that about PvP, PvE, Rads etc..).

Beyond that I even feel more clueless. I understand there is a group of folks crafting, but which it is i'm at loss. Medical seems to focus on science players for healing , but what do the other "science" divisions do?


So... is there a concise non-RP description of your goups and what they focus on you could point me to?
Or, failing that, could you at least explain in a few sentences what your division focuses on and what it thinks/expects its members will do?

Thanks, C
As described by Ikrit in function most divisions are fluff, though some divisions do have extra functions outside the game. Intelligence for example focusses on keeping the fleet safe from external threat while Jag focusses on internal issues. Tactical/ maco mostly focus on pvp, but this is not exclusive, those members join in with pve too.

Gameplay wise there isn't really any difference between the divisions, it's mostly outside the game in the form of extra functions. People who don't want to perform extra duties don't have to do so though. The higher you get in rank in the fleet the more that is expected off you, but every rank below captain can be considered fluff.

Crafting and diplomacy are functions that can be filled by everybody who has an interest in doing these, people stay in their own division for that.
If you have detailed questions about something specific feel free to send me an in-game mail and I'll get back to you asap.