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Originally Posted by Jaruslothran View Post
Uh,..I do play Champions. I have 7 level 40 characters. The uniforms were part of the bonus. Deal with it. You don't have to have everything everybody else has. I am not complaining about the offers I don't have from other packages. I could have purchased them... I didn't..

But you won't see me here begging to get the stuff that others paid for as exclusives...

You Play Champions.......I do not. I play STO, the only thing I am complaining about in the above mentioned post is that I have been around since STO was still on the drawing boards, and I feel that it is unreasonable to ask me as a Prelaunch Investor to go buy a lifetime subscription to another game to get a set of uniforms. This unreasonable Champions promotion was the only one that asked you to spend 200+ dollars for something totally unrelated to STO for a set of uniforms. I call B.S. when I see it. In fact the other promotions were all offered to players of this game, not others. Once again thanks you proving all my point made in the above mentioned post beyond a reasonable doubt.

My position is that the more exclusives you have in this game the less attractive it is to newer players. Thus taking the Trek feeling out of Star Trek. So lets not be so greedy about sharing some of them.