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05-12-2010, 12:35 AM
If I remember correctly the artist in charge of the caitian design has been running around the office like a chicken with it's head cut off, helping out with other designs and such, Caitians were pushed back to 1.3 I believe. Will amend this post with the link soon as I find it.

EDIT:: New hire to train as well it seems:

5th Post down by dstahl

Our lead character artist (Matt) has been personally working on these... however he gets pulled off anytime there's an issue with other costumes... and in this case... we actually had a new hire that Matt needed to take a week to bring up to speed... so as odd as it may sound... bringing on new team members slowed down the work on the Caitians a bit. I'm still hopeful he can pull something crazy - but he gave me fair warning that he's pulled thin at the moment... so its not like they aren't being worked on.. they are... but according to him.. "He's givn' it all he can captain!" for the moment...

That's why I listed it as possibly slipping to 1.3