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05-12-2010, 04:02 AM
Originally Posted by Clavis-0

please consider me regrettably uninformed. I read around on your site and in this thread, but still have not been able to get the gist of what most of the 12th's subdivisions focus on. I understand that Tactical focuses on space combat while MACO does ground combat - but even that does not give me a clear picture (is that about PvP, PvE, Rads etc..).

Beyond that I even feel more clueless. I understand there is a group of folks crafting, but which it is i'm at loss. Medical seems to focus on science players for healing , but what do the other "science" divisions do?


So... is there a concise non-RP description of your goups and what they focus on you could point me to?
Or, failing that, could you at least explain in a few sentences what your division focuses on and what it thinks/expects its members will do?

Thanks, C
Hey Clavis,

Engineering tends to focus on crafting(Engineering items) and flying a Crusier in game. As well as having an Engineering officer as your in game character. In PvP that would put you in the role of a tank in space combat. In ground combat you would be the member who would place turrents, shields, etc... to help out the group in say an STF. If you get a chance check out our forum.