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05-12-2010, 11:11 AM
Originally Posted by Lt.Expendable
And you see nothing wrong with the Klingons flying the top of the line Federation starship?
And you see nothing wrong with Klingons getting nothing for their effort to recruit? If people have to bust their balls to get 5 people to sign up, then the Klingon players should have SOMETHING, even if it's the Galaxy-X. Klingon players get the short straw in every update, even in the upcoming Season Two patch the Feddies get the lions share of stuff. I'd rather see it as a unique Klingon ship, say the BoP that can fire while cloaked from STVI, but something is better than nothing.

Originally Posted by KBFLordKrueg
The Klingons are only here to "compliment" the Feds.
QFT. The Klingon base is currently nothing more than a glorified Monster Play.