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05-12-2010, 02:28 PM
He has resistances to healing - Kinda funny but it makes sense.

Where does the weakness to Tetryon come from ?

From those skills, he is an Exploiter BO but his traits are poor.


I would have put

Superior Photonic Lifeform - Throw in the Superior Stubborn and combine them into this racial trait.

Superior Creative - Improves his powers
Superior (Medic or something) - Team Regeneration / Heal buff
Superior Luck

Being able to alter his appearance and gender would be an obvious plus since females crew members are desired much more.

However, thanks for posting, what little intrest I had in the referral program is now gone with the revelation that this BO is inferior to whats available. Same as that stupid KA Borg BO but hopefully the Galaxy-X will turn out to be an equal disappointment.