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05-12-2010, 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by Cursix
Since I have a photonic officer, I'll answer these.
  • Science Officer
  • It is male only
  • No, you cannot customize it other than it's name. Tailer's just don't know how to customize that mobile emiter.
  • Yes, most noticable trait is the Photonic Lifeform. It gains natural resistance to physical and kinetic damage but is very weak to tetryon damage. It also cannot substain injuries; so if your playing on advance or elite, send this officer out to the slaughter. Oh, and when it is KOed, it turns into a holoemiter on the ground that you need to 'boot up'

Also worth note, it comes with Photonic Officer III BO space skill.
Much thanks for the info!

If it's KO'ed, is there an option to reboot it during combat (just like you can resuscitate other down team members in combat)?

I'm a bit sad that the features can't be customized. Were you able to at least name him? Superior Stubborn is an odd choice too. I wonder if that's random. And I wonder what they mean by "resist heal". Can he not be healed? Or is healing just not very effective on him?