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Originally Posted by montemj View Post
This game should have had Star Fleet Academy in at launch. That is where everyone should have started, even if it was just a tutorial, that's where is should have been.

It confuses me to a great degree as to why Cryptic decided to leave that out, it would have been the most logical place to start the game.

I guess that's what happens when you give a game studio not enough time to develop a game. They don't have enough time to understand what Star Trek is all about, or what makes Star Trek feel like Star Trek.
i can understand why we start where we start . its easier to have space and ground tutorials in the situation we start in than it would at starfleet . with our promotion to "captain " of our starter ship being during an emergency combat situation its completly plausable for us to be given that much responsiblity as an ensign . switch the start postion to the acadamy and you have several issues

1) how do you give the player a quick easy tutorial on space combat then ground combat . the easiest solution is holodeck training sure . but then you have the problem of " do we make them move from one holodeck simulation to another or run the entire tutorial as it is now in a holodeck and only let them realise its a holodeck simulation after tutorial mission is done

2) if its a nice sedate day of classes for a graduatiing ensign . what reason do we have to suddenly give that lowly ensign command of a light cruiser . his or her captain didnt really get taken by the borg that was just the simulation.

3) while its appealing to start our newbies off at the acadamy do we really want to begin things there . after all at the acadamy the most they can be is a newly graduated ensgin ... barely more than a cadet .not every starfleet officer is kirk yanno

im not sure that start position was a result of " not enough time . cryptic was forced to rush the release " after all the tutorial isnt badly done its more intuative than other MMO intro missions ( the eve tutorial is so damn annoying first time around i almost didnt play past it dispite having paid a sub ) while ill agree that some parts of the game lack depth and some aspects of the Trek canon were glaringly ommited and promised for a later date i dont think the tutorial is one of the aspects that was " rushed " or " botched "