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05-12-2010, 03:59 PM
I've noticed that the Search strings are slightly different for some items that are Pre-Patch vs. Post-Patch. As an example the Matson Tribble is

Pre-Patch: 'Tribble<space><space>(mat)'
Post-Patch: 'Tribble<space>(mat)'

And I can still get successful searchs using 'Any Rank', 'Common', 'Personal Device' with either string (but with different price ranges) Its becomes a issue because the search strings are <space> sensitive!!!

And if there are more then 400 items listed, a posted item still may end up in the group of items skipped, and not in the display...

I only post 'Green' items on up, with only a few exception for commons (such as EPS Flow Regulators, and Turrets which are in high demand) and never have an issue with displaying my own posted items in the search...